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Cap 1 CLI Question

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Cap 1 CLI Question



I have had 2 Capital1 cards for about 1.6 months.....500 and 750. Is it possible to call one of the 1-800s to possible get a credit line increase? If so, which one?




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Re: Cap 1 CLI Question

I don't mean to dodge your question or be rude, but have you tried using the search function on this site? There are literally hundreds of threads on this topic, and it's easier to read those than to re-write all of that information. If you have specific questions on your situation feel free to ask

If it helps, I was denied a customer-initiated CLI after 6 months of having the card.

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Re: Cap 1 CLI Question

LOL, that is funny. Good luck calling India to get a CLI. I have had both of mine 8 years and had to go to Exec office to have them doubled. You need to read all of the threads here especially only having them for the time period you ahve had them

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