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Cap1 Secured

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Cap1 Secured

Does anyone know if the Cap1 secured card is automatically in the credit steps program? I would like to make a deposit of $300 and get the card, but it would be nice if they gave increses for the secured.


Also - the secured card has an annual fee, does this card grow with you??



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Re: Cap1 Secured

They don't mention the steps program,  but the website says you are elgible for periodic unsecured increases as you go.


I just go my approval in the mail today, so I will see.

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Re: Cap1 Secured

If I were you....I'd just call them & ask how all this works.


It seems like I recall reading that the secured card is what it does not grow with you.  I believe the credit steps card is a low limit, unsecured card to start with, then as you show responsibility, they increase your limits.


**Please, anyone with other or concurring info...Chime IN!!! Smiley Tongue

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