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Capital One Venture

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Re: Capital One Venture

So did you take the plunge OP?

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Re: Capital One Venture

thinking about a pc/newapp for ventureone (no fee!!)


the visa siggy is a npsl so will it report? my sapphire is a visa siggy as well but it does report the limit (i haven't spent anything near the limit so it can't be my spending max)..........


anyone know for the ventureone (or venture)?

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Re: Capital One Venture



anyone with a venture and/or ventureone chime in? do the cards report the limits or high balance?

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Re: Capital One Venture

Don't have one but it's come up a few times. Like citi they report the card as (type) "flex spending". They do report the limit.

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Re: Capital One Venture

my chase sapphire reports as "type of loan" to be "flexible spending credit card"


this is the only visa signature card i have......

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Re: Capital One Venture

My Venture reports a limit. 

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Re: Capital One Venture



You'll get approved for this card. I got mine somewhere in the 760-770 range. It was 3 hard pulls, which sucked of course, but we really wanted the card. The Annual Fee isn't really a big deal for us, as my wife and I use this as our primary household card, replacing our debit card for all our usual purchases. Just gotta make sure you pay it each month, as the interest rates on it for your credit range aren't great. Mine I think is 19%, but we never pay interest on it. By making use of their rewards portal for making online purchases we would have made anyway directly with the stores, we have had the card 12 months and accrued about $2,000 in free travel.


So yes, we're big fans of our Venture. No cap on miles, no expiration, and works for travel expenses other travel cards dont. Examples of this would be taxi fares, bag fees, basically anything remotely travel related as long as it's not in your home geographic location. Not all eligible transactions will show up on your online account, but if you call them, we have yet to have them turn us down on one of these more obscure "travel" expenses.


The other thing I liked about this card compared to others is that discount sites like Hotwire and Priceline count as "travel sites" so if you're like me, you can negotiate basement prices on travel, and still get it reiumbursed using your miles, allowing you to bank more miles for later.


For what it's worth, that's just been my experience.... Oh, and my Venture also reports a limit ($7500), but as with all Visa Signature cards, we haven't had any issues the few times we've gone over that.

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Re: Capital One Venture

I say go for it! You only have one inquire on your reports and it's 1 inquiry on Equifax, Transunion and Experian. So it's not like you get 3 hard pulls on one report. You have great history and you have a great score. I was approved for a Capital One Venture with a 680 score 40% utilization, so I think you will be golden!

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