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Chase Recon

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Chase Recon

I was just declined for the Chase Freedom card due to too many inqs, but my scores are about 700. I am planning on calling them for a recon. Any suggestions on what to say? Like how would I explain the inqs and how other lines do you guys use to get them to recon your app. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: Chase Recon

Do you have a savings or checking account with them?

I've been where you are trying to go and I don't wanna go back.
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Re: Chase Recon

no Smiley Sad
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Re: Chase Recon

I hear Chase is pretty easy with recons!  Tell them that you spent a lot of time comparing banks, and with the current economic situation, you fell Chase is best bank to be with for the future.  Tell them you want this to be your primary card, due to it's great rewards.  Also, if you have good payment history mention it.


Just curious, how many INQs do you have and what agency did they pull?  I'm thinking about applying for a Freedom but was just approved for a PerfectCard and don't want to push my luck with Chase too much.


Make sure to check the backdoor number thread!


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Re: Chase Recon

I would also like to hear some suggestions on how to go about talking to them about reconsidering my app Smiley Happy




So far with billfan14's advice . Prop them up and suck up to them! hehe  

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