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DCU promo CC BT 6 mo 0% no transfer fee

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Re: DCU promo CC BT 6 mo 0% no transfer fee

@DaveInAZ wrote:

Sorry to be a party pooper, but I got the email and wasn't impressed - 6 months 0% is just long enough to get you into trouble, I wouldn't take anything less than 12 months, prefer 15-18 months.


I'm very happy with DCU with my free checking, savings, and my car loan, but I've always considered their CC to be pretty meh. They made a big deal out of 1% rewards from Thanksgiving through 12/31, apparently the only time they give you rewards. I don't use any card for less than 2% rewards on anything, and 3-5% on select categories. You guys enjoy, I'll pass - I don't have a DCU CC and this won't get me to app for one.

Six months is six months.


Mathematically vs. call it a 20% APR tradeline and a 20K balance, that saves you 2k in real money.  That's assuming you let it ride the entire time.


Understand what you're able to pay off, should be fine.  0% fee is one of two places I know that does that, maybe there are others, but the overwhelming majority I get are 3-4% transfer fee.  Ultimately we preach fiscal responsibility on this forum, know what you're getting into with any credit application or BT frankly as those rates don't excuse not paying it down (at some point) but what it does do is lessen the financial pain while doing so.


Smells like victory frankly, I'd be happy to shuffle my 5% HELOC off (if I could) onto that card, it's only going to take 2-3 months to pay off, that's still saving some dough.


Rewards don't factor, you're right there and is the reason I never opened up a real DCU card in the past; however, a semi-regular useful BT offer, that's worth a second HP if I've applied for some credit product already... spree math is still good math, even if I never go above 2-3 accounts anymore.

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