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What are your opinions of DCU? I've been a member for about a week now and I have to say I am less than impressed. I have seen other posters say that a represenative has contacted them when they opened a account/loan, I have not received a call from 1 single person and I have opened a account and a auto loan. I was also approved for a DCU Visa Plat. Rewards. Their customer service seems to be horrible and I do not have locations around where I live and I have to say I'm started to get worried that if there are problems they will be hard to take care of. Should I forget DCU even though I have the Visa with them? It has a $6000 limit and is by far my largest CL. Should I cancel the auto loan application? What have been your experiences with DCU?

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Are you saying you are upset with them because they haven't called you? I am not sure why they needed to call the other members but I can guarantee they are calling for a reason. Did your app need additional processing? Were your terms unacceptable? Did you card not arrive timely?

Just trying to understand why you are having second thoughts.
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Can anybody join DCU?

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You can with a sm donation if you are outside of their normal eligibility list
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I looked at their website. By small donation, do you mean opening a savings acct? Also I understand the pull your CR for membership-True?

BUSINESS Soon to be gone: Chase Freedom, Union Plus M/C, Blispay
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Not just the savings account. I think it's $10 to an organization.
They pull EQ for membership.
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I've found them to be excellence to deal with. I'm lucky that they have branches about 45 minutes from me.  Checking, saving and 1.9% auto loan. So far so good! 

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The best CU in USA. Perfect online banking website. Good cc no cash advance fee. You can move all your credit to your checking A/C and no any fee.

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I wouldn't necessarily be disappointed that DCU hasn't called you.  I joined one credit union because I was in the town that they had a few branches a lot, but the call was trying to find out how they could transfer my accounts to them, but since I'd already gotten a low-rate mortgage, and a zero-rate car, there wasn't much they could do for me.


Anyway, that being said, one of the best things about DCU is their accessibility. Website has been great, backed by Fiserv, similar system to small banks used nationwide. There is the mobile app. Also check out the Co-Op Shared Branches where you can walk in and make many transactions as if you were in MA: 


I joined many years ago when I worked for Digital. Now others can join through their FoM, or join an organization for a small donation.


I don't always use DCU, but when I'm looking for a financial product, I do check them out. Their rates sometimes are the best out there, and their reps over the phone have always been great. I refinanced my car with them and it was easy. At the time I was earlier in the rebuilding phase, but the underwriter took my 15+ years of membership into consideration and approved the advertised 1.99% rate.


Getting your check direct deposited gets you paid early - I see the funds on a Wednesday evening for a Friday morning payroll.


With the Visa, I get the Equifax FICO score monthly.


I recommend them highly!

I was going to garden... Honest!
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They also pull Chex

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