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Delayed Systems

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Delayed Systems

For weeks I have tried to get CLIs on my accounts. Recently my scores went over into the 600s (Finally). I have not received any CLIs for any accounts in over a year understandably.Today I received my CLI denial letters & noticed Kohls as well as Capital one are using my old scores.


Kohls is using Sept 18’ scores
Capital One is using Oct 18’ scores

Capital one is throwing the excuse, that the balances on all accounts are too high. My current scores and balances have been reduced this week. Unfortunately my Discover Scorecard updated Nov. 30th so my newly lowered balances did not reflect for that scorecard. 


I was just approved for an HSN CC with a SL of $750 which pulled my most recent EQ FICO score.


I am hoping they use my updated scores soon. I really would love to bring down my UTL by increasing the limits on some if not all of my CCs while also paying down balances. 


If anyone has experienced the same or has any information regarding this please comment!





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Re: Delayed Systems

If you call and ask, Capital One can probably tell you when you're up for an account review. I would think it'd be very soon.


But yeah, expect them to operate on an old pull. The only information that they're likely to have that's more recent is anything pertaining to your Capital One accounts.

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Re: Delayed Systems

IMHO, focus on PAYING your debt down. Try to get balances to less than 28.9%. Also, make sure you’re not carrying balances on several cards.

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Re: Delayed Systems

I'm glad it's not just me that is seeing my scores be slow to update and show up.


My scores have dramatically gone up in the last few days. (Big debt paid off, some positive changes that have resulted in 60-70 point rise.) Experian and Equifax FICOs have updated (according to CreditCheckTotal) but TransUnion is lagging behind. Today I got alerts that Transunion had updated! FAKO says it's updated 70-something points! Woo hoo! But when I get to CreditKarma (and other free services I use like NerdWallet), all I get is a new credit account (my humble little Green Dot secured card is reported) but no mention of the massive lowering of debt and the settled CC. I'm pretty sure that new card doesn't account for a 70 point rise in points, but this is FAKO, so who what do I know. I check my FICO scores in CreditCheckTotal, and Transunion (which has, remember, gone up 70 points in FAKO) is the same old same old 500-something score and has the big debt still listed.


Also, last night I did some pre-approval apps (for fun) to see if anyone was interested since my scores are now hovering around the lower end of "fair." I got a rejection from one who listed an Experian score in the mid-500s. 


On the other hand, I've gotten a few pre-approvals from banks that (a few weeks ago) thought I was poison. (Most notably, Discover.) 

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Re: Delayed Systems

Op, my experience is the same, that a lot of times, the scores that lenders pull on CLI's tend to be a month or so back. I say keep continuing what you are doing in getting your profile better and better. As your credit improves, so you will your chances of approvals for CLI's. You'll get there, it just won't usually be in a hurry. It takes some time, patience, and discipline. Before you know it, the flood gates will seem like they are opening for ya!

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