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Forum Etiquette

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Re: Forum Etiquette

Okay, duly noted. But, bet the admins will continue business as usual. Smiley Wink
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Re: Forum Etiquette

@jsucool76 wrote:
I hate when a credit card isn't a good fit for someone, so then they troll every thread related to it and go "that card sucks"

LOL!!!  hahahah

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Re: Helpful?

@Anonymous wrote:

@Anonymous wrote:
I'm being 100% serious with this. Why are some people so distinctly and consistently rude, condescending, and plain unhelpful on this forum? 99% are so great. Why are the others allowed to answer people with non-answers and jokes and rude responses? No one wants every question to be answered with "it depends" or "your credit sucks" or " figure it out yourself" We were all credit-babies once. Why hang out if you don't want to teach from life experience?

I agree. When it's the same people doing it over and over, and nothing changes, it gets very frustrating. I've seen new people not come back because of this, and have seen established people leave the board and give this specifically as the reason.



I hope this will change in the New Year as we all re-evaluate what is working and what is not. Smiley Happy

You know, I think it has gotten a lot better. I remember a few years ago when there were a select few troublemakers. It seemed that things were let go a little more than they should have been but then a Mod would drop the hammer. I tend to look for posts that could end up being an issue and there have been a few recently. Since a Mod and CL can't be everywhere all the time, it helps if we simply "report innapropriate content" just so they can keep an eye on it. Just in the last week I have seen posts like this taken care of before they became a huge distraction or hijacked an entire thread. 


Nothing will beat Maria in 2013 though Smiley Very Happy 

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