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Getting Approved at DCU?


Re: Getting Approved at DCU?

It will either be pretty easy or it will not be. It was instant for me just had to send in verification id stuff later but that was easy and painless. I'm almost wishing I had done what you had done (backwards) because the starting CL on mine is wayyyy lower. I always seem to mess myself up though with apps like these he said I didn't put a requested amount.. I swear I did NOT see a spot that said that otherwise I know to reach for the moon and hopefully land around the stars. lol

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Re: Getting Approved at DCU?

Usually, they will ask for your drivers license (color copy) and social security number. Some have mentioned proof of address ie utility bill.
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Re: Getting Approved at DCU?

09Lexie wrote:
Usually, they will ask for your drivers license (color copy) and social security card. Some have mentioned proof of address ie utility bill.

+1 Had to do all 3 for me. (Except sent in birth certificate because of the government shutdown and my social security card being stolen.

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Re: Getting Approved at DCU?

Well my application for membership was not instant. It said a represenitive will contact me within 1 business day with more information about setting up my account. Hopefully there are no snags...

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Re: Getting Approved at DCU?

I had tried getting a membership last December I think and got denied.  When I called, a representative and a supervisor told me there was an issue with my ID, but could go into further detail or even explain what that meant.  This was after I sent them copies of my driver's license, SS card, utility bill and paystub.  However, I apped for a credit card and was approved for that pending my sending my membership number to them, so I ended up not being able to get the cc.  I just apped again for both the membership and cc.  The membership was immediately approved without me sending anything in and I got approval for the cc pending my sending them a paystub, which I will do tomorrow.  

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Re: Getting Approved at DCU?

You can apply for a card before becoming a member but to actually get it you would need to become a member. Which is very simply they will most likely ask you to open an account and to do that you will need to donate $10 to one of their charities. But what I dislike about the site it will not let you pay your credit card from another bank account like most credit card companys do. Meaning you cant link your BofA or USbank or what ever you have to the account to pay your bill. You have to deposit money into their account then pay your bill from that account. But on the plus side if you have a smart phone you can deposit checks from your bank to the DCU account by "snap shot" so that is a quick way. I asked for an easy way but they told me that their site doesnt have that feature yet to add another bank account. Oh and you can go to a Credit Union that is partnered with them, which is quite a lot and pay that way too. 

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