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How fast inquiry report?Huntington,BOA,Citi

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How fast inquiry report?Huntington,BOA,Citi

Cards I have in mind for spree include cards from those issuers. If I can know which one of those issuers take longer than the others then I'll know how to strategically app during the same day.

Starting Score: Ex08-732,Eq08-713,Tu08-717
Current Score:Ex08-795,Eq08-807,Tu08-787,EX98-761,Eq04-742
Goal Score: Ex98-760,Eq04-760

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Re: How fast inquiry report?Huntington,BOA,Citi

BOA pulled Ex and TU for me and I got the notification instantly, same with Citi in regards to EX.
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Re: How fast inquiry report?Huntington,BOA,Citi

Not knowing which cards or other banking relations you have

with the institutions, I will give you things to think about.


1) Any issuer might report right away, so pick your order on other factors.

2) Use criteria such as which cards need a better credit limit, or which card is most important to get.

3) Places that you have other accounts with I would put last, they should be easier to get.

4) Citi DC gives small initial credit limit, so if that is the Citi card you are after I would put it first.


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