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JetBlue AMEX

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JetBlue AMEX

wow, a week after receiving my Amex Delta, i got an invitation to apply for a JetBlue Amex. would it be a good idea to go for it? the invitation is good until oct 1 2007, so i'm thinking i should wait it out a bit and let my scores rise some more, so far so good though...if only they pulled EQ instead of EX......

basically i'm looking to get out of the subprime cards such as 1st premier and credit one, so far my utilization is down to about 23% from 55% a month ago, so always looking for a way to increase credit availability and lower utilization and get into prime.

so should i? or should i not?
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Re: JetBlue AMEX

I have it, its a nice Amex product if you advised there is a $40 annual fee associated with this card.
I was in the high 600's Fico when I was approved last year.
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