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Lowes approved! Help

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Lowes approved! Help

I just got approved for a store card 500 cl! I want this card to grow! How do I is it?
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Re: Lowes approved! Help

Congrats !!


It's a GE card so you could ask for a CLI every 4 months and it will be a soft pull.


Make sure you keep the card active. Some little things here and there. GE likes to see usage.

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Re: Lowes approved! Help

+ 1

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Re: Lowes approved! Help

Dont wait 4 months. Call the backdoor number and ask for a more usable limit. I called the day after I got my $500 limit and they increased my limit to $2500 before I even had the card in my hands.

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Re: Lowes approved! Help

They want to see you use it too, even if just for small things.  They will deny you a CLI until you use it in a lot of cases.  They want you to have experience with your currect limit before they grant you a CLI.  Ask me how I know.

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Re: Lowes approved! Help

Just had my 3 year anniversary with the card.  Maxed out at 10K now.  They would give me CLI's like clockwork every six months and six statements.  Started around 4500 with a 700 TU.  Just paid it back to $0  bal. again. Been using their no interest promo's on a regular thing about the card. 

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Re: Lowes approved! Help

texasman07 wrote:
I just got approved for a store card 500 cl! I want this card to grow! How do I is it?

Use it alot, PIF. Hit the luv button every 4 months.

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