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Macys Amex Upgrade

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Re: Macys Amex Upgrade

Congrats on the upgrade, just curious to ask- how long did you have your account before you were upgraded? Also how long have you been at 25k limit?

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Many know of the recent upgrades from store to Amex for certain Macys card holders. I am one them. Just want to update the progress of this adventure. Just checked my Credit Karma and it seems sometime this past week, my Macys account has been removed completely from Tu and Eq. Now to see if it pops back up with new details ie new account or with same opening date etc. Interesting to say the least. Amazingly my TU went up 2 pointsSmiley Wink.


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Re: Macys Amex Upgrade

Hi, i believe i had my account about 2 years or so and was recently upgraded as seen in this thread. Ive actually been at 25k for awile now. Anything over would need some income verification and i really dont need more lol. This is a great limit but it does affect my ability to get cli on my core Citi cards, which basically i get no more. Good thing about this card is the ease of getting cli with limited use. I just baught a couple things every 3 months or so and always paid in full. Hope thst helps @juamalik Smiley Happy
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