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My FICO Members Credit Card Limit Total = $10,007,645)

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Re: My FICO Members Credit Card Limit Total

while i thought i had chimed in on this thread one before i can not find any post from me for this subject


boa 3500

alliant 5000

rzmc 650

hooters 1000

best buy 850

kays (not sure if this is included) 2500

Dell (this either) 2500


Would do the math but not sure what counts and what doesnt ! hehe Smiley Happy


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Re: My FICO Members Credit Card Limit Total

Looks like you hit $10,000,000, DI. Do we all win a prize?


Anyone up for $100,000,000 Smiley Happy

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money tree

It's been a lot of fun watching the numbers grow over the past couple of months.  I appreciate all those who participated.  Only myFico members can go from having a $500 total available credit line one month to a $15,000 available credit line the next.   I hope this thread give hope to all those who are just starting to build credit or who are starting over.  With a little myFICO knowledge, having access to available credit will always be within reach.   Thanks for participating.      $10,007,645

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