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Navy CLI and UTIL question

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Navy CLI and UTIL question

I'm coming up on CLI date on my Navy Amex. I have Amex and Siggy Cash Rewards cards. I usually PIF but have been taking advantage of the 0% BT for 1 year deal on both cards. So, the util on my Navy Amex is 21% and util on Cash Rewards is 18%. Is this going to hurt my chances of a CLI? I did a CLI on CR and went from $7K to 14K and app'd and got Navy Amex for $15K the same day. Oh, and I'm over 700 across the board. What say you?

Starting Score (May 2017): 584 TU
Current Scores: 752 TU, 717 EQ, 750 EX

Goal Score: 820+

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