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Online PreQual = Mailbox Invite

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Online PreQual = Mailbox Invite

Having observed a few threads asking about online prequals resulting in offers...


My Spree is over but I did hit the majors for pre-quals.


I can say that I have NEVER received anything from Citi.  Ever.  Early days, nope, High Earning days, nope, Rebuilding days, Nope...   Ever


Today, I received a CITI "pre-selected" Rewards card invite.   NOTE:  Same card I was pre-approved via the CITI site before I made my move on the Spree...   Wont be apping for this, but I wanted to share the DP for Pre-Qual = Mail Invite


Could be because I am worthy again, but the timing is suspect and probably more related to the Online Pre-Qual Inquiry of mine a few weeks ago.


However I got here, it seems I am now a viable lead for a mail-out Invite. 


So I got that going for me....

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Re: Online PreQual = Mailbox Invite

I agree.     In my case I was in the 720's for quite some time and received nothing from the big companies regarding mail invites.


I did the PQ's and then starting getting flooded with the main invites but I like you also increased my scores into the 740's by the time the mail started to flood in......and now in the 780's they keep coming.


Was it the 20 point increase in score - did I cross some threshold?  O r was it the PQ's?  I'm not quite sure - maybe it's a combination but I did find it interesting.


One extra data point  - I also started getting stuff from HSBC but I have never PQ'd with them.  So, there is that.

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Re: Online PreQual = Mailbox Invite

Citi sent me one for the Double Cash and then I just got one yesterday for the Simplicity. I was pre-approved for both on their website a few weeks ago as well. These are the very first mailers I’ve gotten from non-predatory lenders, so I was very excited to get not only one, but two!
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Re: Online PreQual = Mailbox Invite

I think it is safe to conclude that online pre-quals can lead to mail out invites to apply. Obviously if you are worthy...


Question remainingDoes Excessive online pre-quals send another message...


maybe a message of desperation?


While I checked several sites during a 90 day period while threseholds were being cleared and scores were changing regularly, I only checked CITI once. (after most of the positive gains had been acheived)


Cap 1(several times), Amex (weekly), Chase twice (never had anything for me) etc... (these got checked often from start to finish of the fico move from 640 to 740)


Citi has been the only one to send anything via US Mail.  ZERO from everybody else, not even an email.

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