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Penfed TSA Pre-check credit?

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Penfed TSA Pre-check credit?

Hi all, posting here as Penfed CS is literally rubbish, I've called in 5 times and been hung up on every time with no call back. 


I just am wondering if anyone has had the precheck renewal fee of $70 reimbursed? The literature online says they will only comp the $85 or $100 fee, but I am assuming that hasn't been updated since TSA lowered the fee?

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Re: Penfed TSA Pre-check credit?

That's interesting.  Yeah, I'm guessing the programming wasn't updated yet on the reimbursement trigger. 

Another short term reason to get Global Entry Smiley Happy 


I am sorry you had to be one to get stiffed for this. Hopefully you get in contact with someone at PenFed to get this sorted and get it reimbursed. 

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Re: Penfed TSA Pre-check credit?

How long ago did CBP charge your card?  The credit can take 6-8 weeks to be applied.  PenFed traditionally has excellent customer service.  When you say you were hung up on 5 times, was that a matter of the call being dropped or does that actually mean they hung up on you?

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