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Reported balance question

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Reported balance question

I have a question for you guys about what balance is reported. my chase freedom had a balance of 910 and paid it off completely the day before the due  date. balance was 0 on the 19th, which is the due date. next day i charged some stuff because i use this card for everything. the charges posted before the "payment due date" changed to next month so is that what will be reported?

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Re: Reported balance question


so if you pif before the due date and then charged more before new statement posted. 

usually thats what reports. 



so say you paid on the 22nd and it says due date is the 23rd. usually need to give it a couple days to clear and post it on the statement. 


so mine was due date on the 10th but statement doesnt post till the 12th/13th. so use another card till then. 


i put it on my amex vs chase until the statement cuts. 


if i were you id call the line and put in a phone payment which is usually applied immediately. 

you need your checking account # routing number of the bank. 


but then again depending on your utility a few dollars might not do much. 


if your not applying for anything in the next couple months i wouldnt even worry about it. 

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Re: Reported balance question

thanks for your response! i also just noticed "balance last statement" on my chase account online which shows the charges after i PIF. i should get a zync for times like this when im waiting for everything to report but still need to spend money. I never carry my debit cards either. my other cards have a due date of the 21st so i cant really use those if im trying to get my uti down. again thanks for the response.

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Re: Reported balance question

I usually just run into the bank of my credit card and pay it in cash before 5 pm, either by the day before or just in general before the statement generates. It's fast, you get a reciept, and tommorow when it cuts it reports the new balance.

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