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Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

If the business ink preferred premiere rumor turns out to be accurate that's def one I would consider. Going to have DW app and secure the 100k CSP sign up before it's gone and after a mortgage this year I will probably complete my chase trifecta with CFF and CFU. I am at 3/24 right now. Other than completing chase trifecta I'll probably close the NFCU plat (and roll the limit to the Flagship if that becomes an option again). 5.99% is awesome but I never carry balances anymore or need balance transfers. I will probably also cull the PNC points as it effectively neutered the bbva clear points.

I would like to pair everything down to focus on UR, MR, and Flagship points.. in that order. I will kee discover and capital one. But only with small annual charges to keep them from closing. 

Open Installments - Nfcu Auto (61% Left)
Closed Installments - Cap 1 Auto, Chase Auto, Prosperity Bank
Closed Revolvers - Nfcu Plat V, NFCU Plat MC, Citi Simp, Citi DC, Citi DP, Cap1 Plat, Cap1 V1, Chase FU, First Premier
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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

2022-23 Card Strategy

  • App for BofA PR or UCR to complete the Platinum Honors trifecta and AppleCard SP CLI to $30k | sticking to CLIs and maximizing existing relationships. 
  • Below 4/24 | Sadly, a forced loan servicer transfer will bust this goal. 

2022-23 PF Strategy 

  • Primary goal: (1) start business | (2) monthly charitable contributions | (3) meet pre- and post-tax savings goal
  • Stretch goal: (4) earn sufficient business income to FIRE my job by 2023
Garden Goal$: Financial Independence (FI)
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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

I won't be at 4/24 again until September so my plan is to pick up probably the Business Delta Gold Card sometime in April/May, whenever the elevated offers are back. In September, I'll be looking to pick up the CFF to finish off my Chase Quadfecta, then look to move on to the Capital One Venture X towards the end of 2022. Only thing keeping me from applying now is the spend + 5/24 status. And the AMEX BCE might be getting the boot due to the AMEX 5 card limit rule. A lot still up in the air though.

Current Cards/Loans:
Future Cards:
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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

@red259 wrote:

@simplynoir wrote:

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@imaximous wrote:

For 2022, I don't think I need more cards or even want any from what's available at the moment. There's a rumor going around about a new Chase Ink card that's supposed to be premium product, but there's no info other than possibly by the end of the month or a bit later. They're saying it's probably going to be the biz version of the CSR, but pure speculation at the moment. I'm saving a slot for it just in case since I'm back at 4/24 right now.

My other goal is to requalify for Hyatt and Jetblue status, so I'll be putting a good amount of spend on those cards.

Then, I finally should be able to qualify for top tier AA status with the new AAdvantage program starting next year. I was never able to because credit card spend didn't count towards that, but that's changing. 

I'll try to get some CLIs here and there, and that's about it.


A rumor where? That might influence me to stay in the garden depending on the details. 

Here you go

Thanks. Seems interesting. Gotta look at my calendar to see when I go below 5/24. I think maybe in February so if there is a card launch the initial signup deal should hopefully still be running by then. May just go ahead and downgrade my ink preferred at this point to a no AF card and then close my ink unlimited where I already reduced the credit line in the past and don't even use. Worst case scenario I still have my CSP to transfer points and in the future I can just upgrade one of my non-AF inks to preferred if I need it. 

I'm just waiting for any official announcement if the rumor becomes a reality. Other than being a "premium" business card, I'm more interested in category multipliers. If it's just a replica of what's already being offered, then I might lose all interest. Between DW and I, we already have 6 UR earning cards, so I hope it's something new-ish and not another disappointment like the recently launched Hyatt biz card. 

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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

My only card plan is to see what Wells Fargo is going to offer us next year! Smiley Happy

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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

My 2022 Card Strategy remains the same as my 2021 strategy.

No new credit card applications and no credit limit increases

My guidelines for credit limit increases is simple. A card must utilize over 10% of credit limit month after month. At this point my spending comes no where near that guideline. I have sufficent credit limits on my existing cards to meet my needs and keep my utilization low 1 to 2%

FICO 8 EX 815 TU 812 EF 822
Discover IT Opened 9/1990 CL 19,000, JC Penney Opened 10/2008 CL 4700, US Bank Cash Plus Opened 8/2010 CL 12000, Citibank Custom Cash (product change from Double Cash 04/2022) Opened 5/2015 CL 11,100, Chase Freedom Flex Opened 09/2020 CL 10,500 Walmart Capital One Opened 03/2022
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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

I really screwed myself and filed my BK in April of 2018, since then I've come a good way. 

I value simplicity - I intend to add a Venture X to my Savor One and QS as they're just east cards to use and I would love my first "premium" travel card. Other than that, I plan to grow my SL with Cap1.


2023 though, I hope for the opportunity to get the Amex Gold (not included in BK) let's cross our fingers Smiley Happy

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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

Well, I am pretty much going for two more credit union cards for 2022. As my signature shows. the Affinity card will be first. Opened an account (btw, they let me fund it using a credit, score, 2% with them and will use their 1% cashback debit at places like WinCo. They accept debit but not credit. Hopefully, in 4 to 6 months I will get an offer. And no I am not holding my breath for an offer like @JNA1 got from them. But 10K and up would be nice. If the rumors I heard come true and BECU will step up their game I might scrap a second CU card since it would be a piece of cake to get a great limit with them with the great history we have with them. My cards are solid, with great limits. My wife had a bit of a setback since Chase reneged on their original 10K CL on her Freedom Flex. She has a measly $1600 limit on that card now which makes it practically useless because we could never have even a $600 statement balance report. And I refuse to pay before the due date, well let me rephrase that, refuse to pay weeks before the due date. We are fighting with them about it but it is a bank, so not much hope to change anything. So this card maybe needs to be replaced. (Mod cut - not here please. Be mindful of the 5 Things We Don't Talk About and the myFICO Forums TOS) Her scores are on average 15 points (or more) higher than mine yet I got way better limits. Her best was the Citi Custom Cash, but even that is $1k under my limit.



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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

As with 2021, I have pretty much all the cards (and more) that fit my spend. I actually did not end up applying for any credit this year although I have been tempted (and AmEx won't give me SUB 😠).


So for 2022, will probably continue to garden since my credit reports are locked unless I anticipate big spend coming up and no changes have been made to USB Altitude Reserve. Have also been considering Chase IHG Premier card and either CSP or CSR.


I may also close my SDFCU Visa card. It expires that year, I believe, and I only got it for PIN priority. If it gets reissued to me without it, I don't want it. 

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Re: Setting your *2022* Card Strategy

I met my goals for 2021.  They were to complete the minimum spend for the C1 Venture 100k signup bonus and to close some airline cards (closed Barclays Aviator Red).


For 2022, I plan to close the Venture card when the second annual fee posts.  I had hoped that the ability to combine limits would have returned in 2021, then I could merge the CL with my Quicksilver card.  Since that did not happen, I will simply close Venture.


The other card on my chopping block is the Amex Delta Gold.  I was going to close this earlier this year, but Amex came out with the $10/month dining credits which more than offset the annual fee.  If no new credits are on the horizon, I will close this when the next annual fee posts.


Beyond that, I am just keeping a low profile.  I've gardened for one full year and will probably continue to garden in 2022.  My spouse and I are now both fully retired from our day jobs, and we sold off all of our investment properties.  These events combined to greatly reduce our verifiable income, but also greatly increased our investable assets.  Since I don't want to draw any unwanted attention to the lower income figures, I will probably not apply for any new credit.....  unless a really great signup bonus crops up.  :-)


May 2022 Scorecard: Clean, Thick, Mature, New Revolver
AAoA: 11 years | AoOA: 34 years | AoYA: less than 1 year | New Accounts: 2/24, 1/12, 1/6
Installment Loans: none open (5 closed mortgage tradelines reporting)
TCL: $270k personal, $32k biz, $42k AU | Utilization: less than 1% | DTI: less than 1%
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