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Target Red Card

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Re: Target Red Card

I just applied (pretty similiar scores to yours, they pulled TU) and got the following email back:


We need more time to review your REDcardSM application.


You should receive a response by mail within two weeks.
Thank you for your interest in REDcards. 


Is that the same message you got?  I'm inclined to think it was denied since I didn't get an application number, but who knows.

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Re: Target Red Card

Hi, I would not even try to get this card it sucks. Do not  waste an inquiry and lose points on your credit score.  I applied for this card last year and I regret it still at $200.00 I have spent way over $1000.00 in this store in which I will hardly use it again other than to buy a couple of loaves of bread.  If you are looking for a store card try your luck and go for macy's or even jcpenny at least you know you will be able to get cli's.

Starting Score: EQ 546 TU 566
Current Score: EQ 693TU 08 729 EX 08 738Need to Garden/New Accounts
Goal Score: 800
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Re: Target Red Card

I got this card in the store Nov 2008 with a CL of $300. I used it for Christmas, a lot, and paid it all right off. It's now at $500. I have a feeling that if you use it a lot, the will increase it so you use it more. Could be worth a try....
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Re: Target Red Card

Got my Target RedCard online app approved on Sunday (2 days ago).  Got the stellar CL of $200!  I will surely max it out this weekend when I buy a CD and some toilet paper.  (Does anybody remember CD's?)


In all seriousness, I need a cheap BBQ grill. 


BTW:  FAKO's all around 590 points.

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Re: Target Red Card

I'd hate to bump this.... but I had to reply cuz I'm almost positive you're talking about my input on whogavemecredit. lol. (Posted with 594 EQ and 551 EX dated last month??)  I wanted to reply with a bit more of my details so it can shed a little more light to help you understand what might have happened to cause a denial for you and an approval for me...


I too got a bit surprised when I was approved not for just one... but three cards that day... Store cards for Target and Wal-Mart, and one for CreditOne. (Albeit, a VERY low limit...) I should be happy I'm finally able to get ANY unsecured right now though as the only card I have is a secured Orchard...


Anyway, I'm almost positive that the only reason I was approved was because of the two never late revolvings I have, one of which is a car loan for quite a sizable amount, and my account age.


Where my confusion comes in though is last year, I paid off 5 medical collections BUT a few months after that 3 more were added (insurance problems) bringing me to a total of 5 collections and a charge-off... 


The only thing going for me is my account age, at my oldest being almost 9 years (closed charge-off from Cap1), my recent car loan 3 years ago and recently opened (1 year old this month) secured HSBC account which never carries a balance... Other than that, I have collections up the ying yang...


Maybe it has to do with account age and recent payment history with revolving accounts??? Because that's honestly the only things I have going for me. Because as far as collections.... Well, we can all see mine's filled with those.


As everyone says, it's a mixture of things. I'm glad there's that whogavemecredit site. It gives you an idea (IF people input their details) of where you stand in comparison with others in a similar position.  What's crappy though is if you get denied and see others getting approved in the same position as you, you sit here wondering what the hell (like you are now)...  I'm sure there's SOMETHING there though that explains it.  In this case, as I'm almost positive you're looking at my score on that site, it probably has to do with the difference in our account ages and recent activity... (Maybe?) Dunno... hope it brought more to light. Smiley Happy

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Re: Target Red Card

This is too funny. Yeah that was the reason I applied. I saw your input on

I have three collections showing up as 120 lates and an old judgement. That was the reason they gave me at least. 

Thanks for your info. My next step is to get a secured card with my credit union. SO the moral of the story is just because your FICO is a certain number, it does not guarantee approval. They Checked Equifax (602). Which is probably going the lower now that it has another app. Thanks.

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