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To Rcon or not .. That is the question!

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Re: To Rcon or not .. That is the question!

I was denied a chase platinum card back in sept.08 when i opened by checking/savings at chase bank.


I called the backdoor number for recon; the analyst asked why I filed BK13 I explained my reason for filing (i not only had 1 bk13 but had 2 showing on TU report; I only explained the one filed/discharged in 2004). She asked my job title, my income then put me on hold for a few minutes and came back appoved for $2,000 for the Chase Freedom card. My first prime bank/ rewards card since the bk13.  I use it for my monthly bills and pif 2-3x a month.


I only had 1 inquiry (on all 3 CRs) for my mtg refi.  (My broker assured me that only 1 inquiry would show on CR for mtg inq. as long as it's coded correctly. Somehow or another the different banks had access to the same report my broker had first accessed.  So no separate inquiries were made.)


Having said that, I would recon if I were you.



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Re: To Rcon or not .. That is the question!

well i will give it one more shot on the way home from work today . Now to try to remember who it was i spoke with so i dont talk to the same person Smiley Happy
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