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Weird Offer From AMEX... Help!!

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Re: Weird Offer From AMEX... Help!!

CEOriginal wrote:

Today I received another "pre-selected" offer from AMEX. I was denied May 15th due to high UTI%, but plan on app'ing again next week since that's taken care of.


This offer that I received, though, is for a sign up bonus of 25K points with....... AMEX GREEN?!??! Huh????? I've never heard of a sign up bonus with the Green card. I wanted the PRG for the first year for two reasons: 1) those 25K points, and 2) 2x points on gas and supermarket purchases. After the first year, I was probably going to downgrade to the Green anyway.


My question is this: Should I take AMEX on this offer? I mean, I know the common consensus is that approval criteria seems to be the same for all charge cards, but this seems to be a targeted offer. Does that matter? Also, if I were to use that RSVP code on the letter, I'm assuming it would automatically apply for the Green?

I would take it after you get your util. down, good luck!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Weird Offer From AMEX... Help!!

The green and PRG have the same requirements. Your code is for the green - with the same signup bonus and lower AF. since you recently applied- apping now will be an instant denial.

Edit: just saw your response about next week.
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Re: Weird Offer From AMEX... Help!!

Thanks everyone. Had no idea that you could apply back to back like that. Another reason I love this board haha.

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Re: Weird Offer From AMEX... Help!!

PRG requirements are to spend 2k within 3 months for 25k pts.  I got mine a few weeks ago and those were the terms.

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Re: Weird Offer From AMEX... Help!!

My sister approved for BCP after 2 weeks recon........Call the Exe but transfer to new account and they approved after 1 weeks.

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