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When Does Discover Auto CLI?

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When Does Discover Auto CLI?

Hey everyone,

I got approved for my first Discover card on 7/9/2019 with SL of $12,000. I applied for CLI today and was declined (third statement cut on the 23rd). My credit scores have gone up since being approved. I’ve put about $4k on the card but have paid all balances in full.

Wondering if it’s because I got a higher SL that I was declined or do I just not have enough time with Discover.

When did you get your first auto CLI?
Late to the game but at least I'm getting started.

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AMEX BCE $1K (10/2019) CLI (5/2020): +$2k (3x CLI yippee)

Biz Cards:
Chase Ink Business Cash (1/2020)

Back in the garden....

Goal cards:

1) Chase Ink Preferred (ads/shipping)
2) AMEX Blue Cash Preferred (hopefully I receive upgrade offer)
3) AMEX Blue Business Cash - Approved 6/1/20 (late game and after I’m done with Chase SUBs)
Maybe: US Bank Cash + VISA Signature Card (denied in 7/2019 with 2 inquiries) - maybe I'll try again for utilities and gym
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Re: When Does Discover Auto CLI?

I received my first increase at 4 months. 
And they definitely have given auto increases. You can search the approval forum by typing "discover auto" and results will populate. 

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Re: When Does Discover Auto CLI?

It's not a given and profile dependent.


Typical results though show if it's going to happen it usually creeps up within the first 2.5-6 months but, sometimes it could take years to happen.  There's no method to the madness with Disco + CLI's.

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Re: When Does Discover Auto CLI?

Mine took nine months plus I almost gave up on getting a cli from them. I had decent credit score atThe time too , it seems like it depends on a lot of different factors.

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Re: When Does Discover Auto CLI?

Miss Disco can be a sweety or an old hag. You never know what your going to get day to day. Smiley Very Happy

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Re: When Does Discover Auto CLI?


3 years, no auto ever.
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Re: When Does Discover Auto CLI?

@ChiTownGirl1 wrote:
... When did you get your first auto CLI?

75 days. 


What's your profile look like?

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Re: When Does Discover Auto CLI?

There is absolutely no guarantee of a CLI--ever!

The reason could be a million and one things or no reason at all. But the most probable reason in your decline letter will be "not enough experience," which makes sense. It's only been 3 months since you've had the card. 

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Re: When Does Discover Auto CLI?

You did start with rather large SL, so I would not be holding my breath for auto CLI
Mine started at $1000.00 a little over 2 years ago, and I've had maybe one or two tiny auto CLI, rest were requested by me and it's now at $24,700.00
They do grow, but with larger SL, I really would not expect huge jumps this soon.
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Re: When Does Discover Auto CLI?

7 months on my first Discover, and 8 months for the second.

But my Discover cards were (and still are) some of my lowest limits.

It looks like your Discover limit is almost twice your next highest (and 12x your next highest)? And a very new card? I wouldn’t expect any big increase soon-but Discover is a mystery, so who knows.
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