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Your Favorite daily driver card

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Your Favorite daily driver card

Hello all!


Im curious what everyones favorite daily driver card is. Id like one that is known for higher starting limits and gives travel perks etc. Really help us take trips a little cheaper as we will be on a budget the next couple years as we get our finances in order.


In addition to a new daily driver card Id also like to get a good balance transfer card to move some debt from an existing NFCU card to pay off quicker with no interest. Is it bad to get two cards at once.

Also I hope it isnt bad to do all these prequalifies as I have done 3 now lol Ive heard it can cause a split file but can be remedied easily by making sure all addresses are your current on file. 


Ive done the pre qualify on following sites and this is what came up for me


Navy Federal:

All cards but I think it does that for everyone. I currently have a good relationship with this with two seperate products and checking (I let mother use it , I bank with WF). 



Green Card

Hilton honors surpass

Delta skymiles Platinum

Delta Sky miles Gold

Amex Everyday








Cap One: 


Savor one



Venture one



Approved for 11k as they tell you right away. 




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Re: Your Favorite daily driver card

My daily go-to cards are:


Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards (I'm Platinum Honors with them so I get a nice bonus on all rewards)

AMEX Blue Cash Everyday 

FICO 8 (1/17/23) EX 720 EQ 717 TU 730
FICO 9 (1/17/23) EX 730 EQ 764 TU 750
CH 13 DC 1/5/21 -- I practice AZEO - NEVER above 1% utilization across all cards.

Current lineup as of 3/23
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Re: Your Favorite daily driver card

I have a split approach for rewards on my daily drivers, and some of them are revolving categories.

Chase Sapphire Preferred for Restaurants 2% 
AmEx Blue Cash for Gas & Grocery 3%
Discover & Chase Freedom (revolving 5%)


Mercury World Elite & Capital One Venture for 2% everything else (although this CapOne doesn't let you do statement credits at a 1:1 ratio)



If I had to choose just one it would be AmEx Blue Cash or the Mercury World Elite.

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Re: Your Favorite daily driver card

For small purchases I'd go with my Citi Rewards card for the +10 roundup feature, Bigger purchases like groceries and dining go to my Amex gold because I'm all about collecting the MR points!

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Re: Your Favorite daily driver card

This darn SYW card has completely disturbed the way I do cash back business, lol.  Because of the monthly 'Spend $1000, get a $40 Statement Credit', I find myself using the SYW for 1% (when I could get 3% with AOD), for 3% (grocery and dining when I could get 5%), and less common but for 5% (gas when I could get 10% from Chase Amazon) just to reach the $1000 spend.  Even if I throw out the rewards, it's a 4% flat CB card at $1000 spend.   

5% CB rotating: ; Everyday 3% CB: ; Everyday 5%: ; Retired to sock drawer after AOD: ; On my radar: ; No hope:
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Re: Your Favorite daily driver card

I'd say that if I had to narrow it down to just one daily driver, it would most likely be my AOD FCU VS, since it has a 3% uncapped cashback rewards rate on all purchases  Smiley Happy

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Re: Your Favorite daily driver card

it should be the amex biz cashback one but nope. its FNBO biz

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Re: Your Favorite daily driver card

I do a rotation, i try to use my 2 pct cb cards to 10 - 20 pct of limit and jump to another card and i always use savor and the red card for groceries

{ BK7 DC 12/2019 } target 1300/ kohls 3000/ discover IT cb 6500 / 2nd discover IT cb 6000/mercury 4100 / firestone 2800 /legacy 2500 /first savings bank cc 2500/ cap1 QS 5000/ cap 1 savor one 3100 /comenity rewards mc 3k, Penfed PCR signature visa 10k/ penfed gold 7.5k NFCU >signature visa cash rewards 15700/bread cashback amex 8000

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Re: Your Favorite daily driver card

What exactly is a daily driver?   The card you use most?   Or the default card if you don't have a better one for a particular spend?

For some, they may be the same, but when you have enough category cards for your particuar spend (and if that spend is varied enough among categories!) the default card might be rarely used.


In my case, until the end of the year it's going to be USAlliance, covering both 3% default and 6% supermarket, but once in nerfs, I need a different default

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Re: Your Favorite daily driver card

This is always a good question. I'll never be a one card type of person. I've faced adverse action in the past, so I worry about that happening again. I refuse to have just a couple of cards.


Anyway, I think my daily driver card setup would be AmEx Platinum for travel purchases/benefits, AmEx Gold for dining and groceries, then AmEx Blue Business Plus for anything non category. AmEx is my favorite issuer; even though they have their own quirks. This covers nearly every base for me, except Costco and some other niche stuff. I like MR points for my travels. They transfer almost anywhere and are more valuable than cash back. 
and now I have a setup where I earn a minimum of 2 points per dollar, but most of my spend gets 4X and 5X per dollar.

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