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Account Review Inquiries?

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Account Review Inquiries?

I looked at my TU free report and it seems I have a lot of Account Review Inquiries? They dont count against me but I am wondering if anyone else is seeing these also? I have not asked for a reduction of APR or contacted them for anything else. I have done CLI requests but some of these Account Review Inquiries dont have anything to do with them? 


1. Cap 1 opened a dispute on 06/01/21 and Account Review Inquirie on 06/01/21

2. Us Bank 05/26/21 unsure why they reviewed my account? 

3. Myfico 05/15/21 unsure why they reviewed my account? I dont get anything from them but a worthless free TU account that doesnt show anthing and just shows me alerts. 

4. Bank of America 05/15/21

5. Discover 05/15/21


All my accounts minus the Myfico I am carrying 0 to very low debt of under $20 for payment history and usuage. 


Can anyone shed light on this? 

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Re: Account Review Inquiries?

AR inquiries are part of normal account maintenance. They can be used to pull scores, check the status of other accounts, check for credit seeking activity, etc. 


Any scores or alerts that you get will also be doing AR SPs in order to provide you that service. 

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