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Affirm reporting?

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Affirm reporting?

Been helping a buddy of mine rebuild.. he has had an Affirm unpaid for about 15 months and it shows up on NO credit reports.. do they just not report??? or should we be waiting for the next shoe to drop?



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Re: Affirm reporting?

I have a couple Affirm loans, before I read about CFAs and credit scores. It ONLY reports to Experian for me and there was a slight delay but not 15 months, more like 1 or 2.

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Re: Affirm reporting?

Same here Experian only and sometimes a month or two delay to show new or paid acccounts.

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Re: Affirm reporting?

A loan that has been included in a BK but then affirmed to bypass BK proceedings and continue payments is in a grey area. Officially it is debt owed and officially it can be walked away from at any time since it was in BK. Lenders as a side effect have a tendency of not reporting anything about accounts that were in BK proceedings at any time even if they are affirmed later to comply with the law. Usually the only time you will affirm anything in a BK is because the loan is secured by something you want to keep(Car/House). Unsecured loans are commonly written off as noncollectable once a BK is reported to them as finalized.

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Re: Affirm reporting?

I think OP is refering to Affirm - the company that finances purchases online at numeruous websites.

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Re: Affirm reporting?

Unfortunately i've use Affirm 3 times and they've reported to Experian right on time without any delays.

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