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Any Examples of DNR (Do Not Report) Letters?

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Any Examples of DNR (Do Not Report) Letters?


Do you or any other forum members have examples of letters that would function as a DNR (Do Not Report) letter? What I mean is, if I contact a CA that has not reported me yet, by mailing them an agreement for a PIF or a reasonable settlement, can I negotiate on paper a payment arrangement like the one I did over the phone with CCS?

Or should I just call them first and get them to agree on the phone, then submit the letter (stating date, time, agent name, and agreement terms) as a backup?

Or, by doing this, am I showing my hand too much and validating a debt for them, which gives them more leverage to report the account to the CRAs without any kind of agreement?

Or should I just wait a little longer and see if they report at all, and then negotiate a PFD?

This is a tricky, sticky situation.

I have about 4 or 5 CA letters for accounts that have not reported, but total $1900 (PIF amount), and I'd REALLY like to prevent those suckers from suddenly appearing out of the blue when the CA Collective Hive Mind hears that I paid one bill, then starts demanding I pay them all simultaneously.

And yes, I think of CAs as if they were the Borg. But I'd rather run into a Borg in a dark alley.
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Re: Any Examples of DNR (Do Not Report) Letters?

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Re: Any Examples of DNR (Do Not Report) Letters?

Here's what I would do. Just copy and paste the PFD letter, which starts out disputing the debt, and then just take out the verbage stating you want  a PFD, and insert the DNR language. Ask for the same type of reply - on company letterhead with an authorized signature.
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