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Bad idea?

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Bad idea?

Hi all,
I am considering signing up for 2 chase credit cards for airline miles. I know that I have a 745 score from transunion, and credit sesame says I have a 796 equifax. I was approved for an auto loan this month and I currently have 3 other active credit cards (2 chase and discover) I know that 2 more hard pulls will lower my score but will it do terrible damage if I say wanted to apply for a mortgage in a year? The auto loan was the only other hard pull I have had in over a year. Thanks for your advice
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Re: Bad idea?

Welcome to the forum. Just to clarify, Credit Sesame pulls your Experian report and I'm sure you know those scores are FAKOs. That being said, 3 HP's is a relatively small number and unless you are starting the mortgage process in the next 6 mos-.i say you are fine.

Good luck and be sure to update your approval in the Credit Card Approval board.

By the way... Make sure you google for the best sign up bonuses. SW and United have pretty nice ones if you aren't receiving any targeted offers.
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Re: Bad idea?

A year between apping for cards and a mortgage should be fine but you'd be better after verifying with your mortgage agent.  The question is fairly general so we can only really provide a general answer.


Hard pulls do have a negative impact but the effect falls off fairly quickly.  It's the hit to AAoA that takes more time to recover from.  You can calculate the impact on AAoA before making your decision.


As stated above, the scores you mention are FAKO's.  They could be close to your FICOs or they could be off by a bit.  The only way to be certain is to get your FICOs.

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