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Being removed as an "Authorized User"


Being removed as an "Authorized User"

How long does it take for credit bureaus to update when someone has been removed as a authorized user?  Thank you 

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Re: Being removed as an "Authorized User"

It varies per creditor. The one and only time we removed an AU from Citi it disappeared within a week.

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Re: Being removed as an "Authorized User"

I would say it would be removed the next time the CCC updates the Credit bureaus, for most cards, 2-3 days after the statement cut date

But again it's really depends on the CCC.

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Re: Being removed as an "Authorized User"

If you ar ethe individual being removed as an AU, just dispute the account as not yours or one of the other similar categories (if disputing online).  I have had some removed in as little as one day after doing this.  My wife added me to some of her store cards and I didn't want them on my CR so I took this approach.  I don't like waiting so if I noticed they were not removed in a week, I disputed and like I said Transunion was the next day and the othres would remove in a few more days. 

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Re: Being removed as an "Authorized User"

Does it say terminated or is it gone completely. I don't want my husbands accounts on my report either so can I have them removed completely.

 The DH initials are not working for me.Smiley LOL



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Re: Being removed as an "Authorized User"

To add to this... Being removed as an authorized user--Does it have a negative effect?
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Re: Being removed as an "Authorized User"

Bearclaw wrote:
To add to this... Being removed as an authorized user--Does it have a negative effect?

YMMV.... removing it can improve your FICO, drop your FICO, or leave it unchanged. It depends on what is being removed in relation to your credit w/out that CC. The primary factors include impact to your average age and length of history once the AU drops, impact to utilization once dropped, and impact to mix, if any, if dropped.

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Re: Being removed as an "Authorized User"

I had a grand ol' time with Amex and Equifax when removing myself from my mothers account a while back. Amex removed me as an AU then I disputed with the credit bureaus to have them removed from my report. Experian and Transunion had no problem removing it for me, Equifax though, was another beast. I was in the process of buying a home so this was all time criticial...long story short, I was able to get it removed after going back and forth with Amex and Equifax. Though it was frustrating, it's something you need to staty on top of until you get the results you want. For me it was the utilization of my moms account that was killing me.

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Re: Being removed as an "Authorized User"

I would call the credit card company and ask them to delete the tradeline.... once you have done that, submit disputes to all three credit reporting agencies. To submit a dispute, you can contact the credit reporting agencies using these contacts: CRA phone and fax numbers

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Re: Being removed as an "Authorized User" (does it help or hurt)

I have been caught up with two different, but yet similar problems based on being an AU to wives...


Scenario 1.  1st wife opened Capital 1 account in 1997.  Limit $1,400.  Perfect payments until after our divorce.  Balance normally 0, then one 30 day late June 2010.   We closed the credit card  September 2011.

Query:  Since the CC is closed, there should no longer be a utilization affect, Correct?

Query:  Since the CC is closed, the damage, if any, to longevity of accounts has already occurred, Correct?

Query:  Since the 30 day late is relatively old, is there any benefit to my FICO score to have the AU report eliminated to remove the late?


Scenario 2.  My new wife added me to her BofA Visa Card in September. 2012.  Opened in 1994.  Limits, to $100,000, but can only carry a balance to $20,000. The credit limit is reported as 0, so I asked TransUnion to investigate.  In doing so, they removed the account from TransUnion.  They claim the AU account had no impact on my credit.  However their reports say my available credit is limited, and my credit card longevity is too short.  I  only have two CC cards, both issued in 2004, the first with a $5,000 limit with a 0 balance (but no new reporting dates), and the second has a $3,000 limit with a $ 900 balance.  I do have a 2002 Heloc with a $100,000 limit with balance of $53,000.  

Query: Should I ask my wife to limit the card to 20k so that it will be reported with an actual credit limit (suggestion of BoA), or leave the AU  CC off my credit report, get my name of the AU CC altogether, or do nothing.  I can't figure out what to do.... CC accounts (including Heloc)  are too new at 8 to 10 years?


Any guidance is appreciated.


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