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Best way to transfer money to DCU?

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Re: Best way to transfer money to DCU?

I just got a DCU savings account and when I tried to use the Cash Edge option to transfer money from my regular bank to my DCU savings, I got an email like two days later saying that my transfers had been disabled or something like that. I called DCU and they said that they don't allow transfers via Cash Edge until 90 days after account opening, for security and fraud reasons. Sounds like a bunch of crap to me but whatever. They said I can make a deposit via a local credit union which handles deposits for DCU instead.

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Re: Best way to transfer money to DCU?

I didn't go through probation at DCU, but did get a month at MACU (savings) and am still on 6 month probation at PenFed (savings). Didn't stop me from transferring funds via Paypal, though. Tried $1, $5, $50, $300 all with no issue.

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Re: Best way to transfer money to DCU?

@Cookiegrabber wrote:

Echoing the Mobile Deposit feature for DCU, but I'm not sure if you can deposit straight to savings as I always deposit to checking.



You can. For the online scan/mobile deposit, there's a pulldown selection that lets you choose the account toward the bottom of the screen (iOS version at least). For ACH, the account number for savings is your member number; the routing number is the same as for checking.

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