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Hi Everyone!


So I tried to sign up for CCT and they were "unable to process [my] request." I called in and the reason being that they were unable to verify my identity with the information given. I restated the information I entered, which the representative said was all correct and matched what was on my report. Not only that, but I also have, another product offered by Experian, which they saw and said also matched everything.


Here's where it gets weird...they said it was likely due to the information not matching what was on other reports, but again, they could not tell me that was the reason for sure. I already have my TU and EQ updated today through Credit Karma and the info also matches EXACTLY, as it always has. Then they said I would be unable to ever have this product in the future AND they would be keeping my $1.


I hate that I had this experience with an incredible product that I will never be able to have in the future...and a product offered by a company that I already use for another product without trouble. Going to dispute my $1 charge haha! Just thought I would share my story and how strange it sounds.

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What's the age of your oldest account? I get hit with errors too because my oldest account is only 5 months old. I think CCT requires the oldest account on all three reports to be at least 6 months of age. 

10/19 TU:785; EX:752; EQ:728
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I would work on finding a way up the ladder to speak to someone that can give you a better idea of what is going on here.  Certainly they have encountered this issue previously with others, so there must be some common places to look into in an effort to find whatever is causing this issue.  I'd BS them and tell them you are interested in a monthly membership if they can get this resolved (even if you want only a $1 trial) and I'm sure that in wanting your business they'll do whatever they can to figure out the issue.

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I spoke with two managers and they said there is nothing they can do, as it is all handled by the automated system. I even conferenced them in with reps from Experian, TU, and EQ to verify all the information I gave CCT matches exactly what is on their reports. So after 2 hours of doing that, they still said there was nothing that they could do.


All 3 reports produce FICOs on other sites and have accounts old enough.



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