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Can you help me....Vantage 4.0

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Re: Can you help me....Vantage 4.0

Is Vantage 4 murder on new

@GatoradeZeroGuy wrote:

@IaBoy62 wrote:

Wings Financial CU provides (and uses) Vantage 4.0 for credit approvals. They pull EX for me. I have only one Vantage 4.0 score or one for each bureau?

I am pasting the wording below from their website.

How is VantageScore® 4.0 unique?

  •  It is a tri-bureau score: a single score analyzing the data from all three reporting bureaus
  •  It uses trended credit data for deeper insight into borrowing and payment patterns offering a more representative picture of your credit right now
  •  It enables scoring of more consumers with dormant or brief credit histories
  •  It doesn't penalize you for rate shopping; eliminates duplication of hard inquiries within a 14-day period
  •  It doesn't consider certain public records, including tax liens, civil judgments and certain medical collections


the fact that we don't have a public facing Vantage 4.0 score ANYWHERE is such a fail on the part of Vantage and the CRAs, def would like to learn more about this as well

inquiries when compared to FICO 10T? I went from 811 to 783 on the inquiry & then down further to 776 when the new card completed it's first billing cycle. Six months later, there's been no recovery. My FICO 10 scores have recovered.

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Re: Vantage 4.0 Sources

Jovia Credit Union in New York switched from quarterly giving its members TransUnion 4 to Vantage 4 in January 2023.

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Re: Vantage 4.0 Sources

@GatoradeZeroGuy wrote:

Is certain Syncrony Bank cards the only way currently to get access to Vantage 4.0 scores? 


Are there other sources?

I happened upon this thread, when I got approved for $1200 CL with PayPal credit I enrolled for free for their "credit monitoring" which then gave me my Vantage 4.0 score. That score is 680. But my Vantage 3.0 score from Cap1 Creditwise on Transunion is 610 and my Vantage 3.0 score from Chase Credit Journey on Experian is 624.


I'm literally all over the place right now. But it seems PayPal credit by Synchrony is 1 of the only few places to show the Vantage 4.0 score. 

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Re: Vantage 4.0 Sources

I would hope that once VS 4.0 scores are being used or mortgages (along with FICO 10T scores) there will be a wider array of sources for them.  If not theres a HUGE problem imo as I don't believe any score that isn't readily available to the public for free or at bare minimum a low fee should ever be allowed to be used as a primary mortgage score.

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