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Chase CreditJourney - Now experian vantage

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Re: Chase CreditJourney - Now experian vantage

Thanks. Mine is now Experian as well.

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Re: Chase CreditJourney - Now experian vantage

If it were VS4 I'd sign up regardless of bureau.


VS3 can be gotten everywhere anyway.


Interesting Chase switched though, wonder what EX offered to do that for.

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Re: Chase CreditJourney - Now experian vantage

I am sure experian offered something juicy!!!

-----I did notice however on the day mine switched I had a green star offer (got excited for a second) but it was for some dumb car beta thing.

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Re: Chase CreditJourney - Now experian vantage

@snickerpedia wrote:

Not sure if this is the right place but just wanted to let people know that the chase credit journey is now your experian score not transunionSmiley Happy


---update - ok well my friends is still powered by TU but mine is now powered by experian----weird.

Mine is still TU Vantage 3.

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Re: Chase CreditJourney - Now experian vantage

@Ugenie7 wrote:

Mine is still TU VS3 also.


Mine just changed over to Experian VS3. Glad I didn't get left out! Smiley Happy


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Chase Credit Journey

So Experian has a Vantage score now? I was expecting fico8 when I first heard of the upcoming update to Credit Journey. I've had a subscription to Experian for a decade now. I've never been provided a Vantage score vía Experian app. My fico8 with Experian is currently 674. I wanted a fico8 score. Vantage scores are meaningless. I've never been approved or declined based on my Vantage score. 






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