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Collection Deleted? Will it help?

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Collection Deleted? Will it help?

I just spoke with two CA one was Ability recovery Solutions whom I had an outstanding medical bill of 1004 that was reported in June of this year. And another with Paragon revenue group that had a 1354 balance from August of this year. I have paid both of them back in August and called and they said they have both been put in for deletion from all three credit bureaus. Im super excited, but in the midst of buying a home. Will these collections being deleted help my score at all? Any idea how much? One is still reporting but will be gone by middle of month and the other is currently showing closed paid in full. With them being wiped, what can I expect? Current scores on dashboard are 597 TU 598 EX and 596 EQ.


thoughts? thanks

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Re: Collection Deleted? Will it help?

If they are your last baddies when the very last one falls off you should see a big score jump. 50-80 points in some cases.


However, if you have other baddies present, score increase may be minimal.

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Re: Collection Deleted? Will it help?

So, I have paid off an enormous amount of OLD collections, These are the last two that show active. Howver they are recent the others that were paid were fairly old. I was hoping for 20 to 40 + but didnt know if that was reasonable

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