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Credit Karma bad reporting


Credit Karma bad reporting

Just updated today as I do everday. My score increased by 5 points due to an account being reported as closed.

The only problem is that it isn't closed. I checked the acct. to make sure and sure enough it's good and alive.

Anyone else had this type of problem with them?

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Re: Credit Karma bad reporting

i have a couple accounts that are closed but being reported with the AF that posted before I closed them, and the AF was credited back to the account after they were closed verify online that both have a zero balance. But perhaps the card companies haven't reported on the accounts since closing its been a couple months at least on them. But other wise all the data is accurate, scores are worthless, thus making card recomendations pointless. But good for getting details like reporting dates and blances for the most part. 


pulled my Transunion  Report, both accounts were HSBC accounts one closed before transistion to CapOne and reports zero balance but not closed.  The other closed post transistion, last update 5/11/2012 but reports as currently paid as agreed, no negs on the TL. But $59 balance. On neither account does it list a notation to being closed. I think I am just going to let them sit as is who knows may gain me a few extra months of AAoA at the end of the 10 years reporting, and I don't want the TL to disapear which could happen if I dispute them as both TL's are good no negs, have are older than my current AAoA. The HSBC account is just an orphan I guess, HSBC doesn't own the account it sold it but was allready closed.









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Re: Credit Karma bad reporting

Credit Karma pulls from TU.  So it is a reporting issue on your TU report.  I would check your other reports and then contact the lender for fix action.

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Re: Credit Karma bad reporting

thanx Dave, I'll try that.

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