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Equifax Issue

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Re: Equifax Issue

@xenon3030 wrote:

I checked and it seems that the turstedid lock is instant (taking ~2-3 min). A few months ago, it was not working (a failed message was showing up). Thanks for the note. Then, I should cancel the lock&alert.


The EX CreditWorks℠ Premium lock/unlock is instant with a monthly fee.


Cool. I have Experian's product, but I think I'm just going to keep it for 30 days. $25 a month is way too expensive. But, it seems to be the only way to get a daily pull and Fico score from Experian... other than abusing their backdoor. But, good to know that their lock feature is instant.

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Re: Equifax Issue

I called over the phone to personal solutions and they were absolutely horrible and no help at all!

I’m going to send in everything to make them remove it and if they can’t, then I’ll look at going further into the rabbit hole!
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Re: Equifax Issue

Eqifax has a credit breach and STILL use overseas agents who barely speak English and want our personal information. Seems safe. LOL

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Re: Equifax Issue

Exactly! I get it. Most if not all companies tend to use overseas call centers. Mostly because they are cheap to run and for what it takes to have 20 people in a room in the US, you can probably have about 50 in India.

I lost my job a long time ago when I worked at Time Warner Cable cause they wanted to move our online chat/email function to India. Which they did and it went to crap, but that's old news.

Overall, I am completely pissed off at Equifax. I wrote them a really nice letter to go along with my info. I'm sure that they won't appreciate it or maybe the one who ends up getting it first, but hopefully it'll bring some kind of awareness to them understanding how much they have screwed up.
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