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Equifax asked if associated with a roommate's car

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Equifax asked if associated with a roommate's car

Asking for a friend. When pulling Eq from annual credit report, one of the verification questions asked about car association. My friend recognized two of the cars: their recently sold car, and their roommate's car. They proceeded with their own car without issue. However, their roommate has not been a terribly honest character in the past. Is there a potential that the roommate registered the car in my friend's name, or is Equifax doing something weird with address association?

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Re: Equifax asked if associated with a roommate's car

They got that information from a data aggregator.  Data aggregators regularly screw things up and your friend living at the same address as the roommate makes it easy for these kinds of screwups to happen. 


Your friend shoujld get a copy of their Lexis Nexis full consumer report and review it carefully and then dispute inforrect information with LN. directly as this needs to be attacked closer to the source. Once that info has been corrected it should filter to the CRAs including Equifax.


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