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Error in Utilization

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Error in Utilization



Does anyone know why my utilzation is reporting as 100% when it is actually 45%? I have a total of $21,568 used of $52,850.00 in credit. I'm wanting to do a BT and possibly add an AU to get things back in line. My scores are suffering due to this, EQ 640/TU 613/EX 613.....Help please!! How do I get this corrected.



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Re: Error in Utilization

Do you have any unpaid charge offs/collection accounts, or any accounts closed by lender that remain unpaid? 

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Re: Error in Utilization

Is your total debt all on revolving accounts?

Is the 52,850 number your total credit limit on all revolving accounts only?


Some LOCs, such as higher limit HELOCS, are not necessarily included in all scoring models in your revolving credit limit total.

Are any of the revolving accounts LOCs or some sort?

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