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Fraud Alert!! Howl SSL Cloud!!! Citizens Bank Hit

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Fraud Alert!! Howl SSL Cloud!!! Citizens Bank Hit

Just noticed.... glad it wasn't too late to cancel my card before it got worse. I admit,  I should have noticed it before. Thanks to a previous post on this website,  i was able to check my account and see that  Now they are hitting  Citizens Bank!  I looked on the thread  and saw there was no explanation for the it.  Just replies from folks who are monitoring their accounts manually, taking notice to the bunk transactions. What is going on? I m appealing to the pros here! How is this happening???!!!!  . This is so frustrating.


06/06/17 DBT Purchase  Howl Ssl Cloud 7895666652 Ma 1508 5.66

06/12/17 DBT Return

Howl Ssl Cloud 789-566-6652 Ma 1508 5.66
Anyone know if it is safe enough to just change my card? Do i have to change my bank account number?
They say these chip are more secure, but I've never had a problem like this before they existed. I think the creators of it should be sued to pay back all the merchants for fraudulent charges. UGh !
Thank you!
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Re: Fraud Alert!! Howl SSL Cloud!!! Citizens Bank Hit

Check this thread.

If a mysterious charge shows up on your credit card from HOWL SSL CLOUD you will need to call your bank and cancel the card.

It does not matter if the charge is just $1 and if it disappears within 24 hours.

The $1 to $5 charges are test charges to see what cards are valid and if they don’t get canceled the scammers assumes other charges will go unnoticed.

And the charges are going to come eventually ranging from $5 to hundreds of dollars at the time.

Also, the time between the first $1 charge and a subsequent charge can be months apart. So as soon as you notice any charge from HOWL SSL CLOUD call and cancel that card as it has been compromised.

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Re: Fraud Alert!! Howl SSL Cloud!!! Citizens Bank Hit

Thank you
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