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Hard Pull Removals

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Hard Pull Removals



I have gotten a Ford Credit HP on July 30, 2018 for my lease and an Capital One HP on Aug 2, 2018. At the time, I needed some wheels and my mom was trying to start me off building credit before doing anything with AUs. The Ford Credit loan went thru but Cap One denied me at the time. Now 2 years rolled around, TU & EQ have already removed the HPs from the list when I do the full credit check. However, when I do check Experian, those 2 HPs are still listed on my report and have not fallen off. Is there any chance of calling Experian to see if they will be removed?



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Re: Hard Pull Removals

They will be gone next weekend, they delete on the weekend following the first full week of the month.

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Re: Hard Pull Removals

The Ford HP will be gone, IME the C1 pull being deleted in this month's update isn't 100% assured due to the 8/2 date but if not it will be next month.



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Re: Hard Pull Removals

Just call EX... it will be gone later today or tomorrow if it's important to you.

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