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I'm not sure if I was billed.

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I'm not sure if I was billed.

I was trying to join digital credit union, and tried to join by some teacher suport organization. I put in my info for sign up then clicked next, it asked me donate $10. I clicked donate then it took me to paypal. I immediately decided not to go any further and clicked out the teacher organization and paypal windows. Then I checked my email and this was received.





My paypal is linked to an old CO debit card but I'm sure I did not log-in paypal. I checked paypal, the debit card, and mint and found no balance or transaction. 


My 2 questions are: Was I billed? Am I eligible for DCU membership?


I'm worried 30 days later that I might have been billed for something I did not intend to purchase and find some late thing on my credit report.



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Re: I'm not sure if I was billed.

Did you provide your paypal email address?

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Re: I'm not sure if I was billed.

Check your recent activity in PayPal Smiley Happy

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