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Identity Guard Address History Question

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Identity Guard Address History Question

Anyone here use Identity Guard? My subscription ends tomorrow and I have a question about the Address History section on the site. My address history lists 3 addresses, 1 supposedly current and 2 supposedly prior under each of the CRAs names. So there are 3 addresses under EQ, 3 addresses under EX and 3 addresses under TU. Then on my separate Public Records page there are more and different addresses, some of them completely unfamiliar and a few addresses of people I know. My question is, how many addresses are on your IG Address History? I ask because maybe 3 spots under each CRA are all they offer period? Also, are the addresses on the separate Public Records page of IG's site on my Big 3 credit reports or no? I can't access my reports outside of IG without some work because of my old dispute so any answers here will be greatly appreciated. Smiley Happy Lastly I did call IG but the answer was basically "Maybe, maybe not."

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Re: Identity Guard Address History Question

It sounds like the 3 spots may be what they show, going off of your post. Their answer was certainly helpful wasn't it????

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