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Inquiry Identification


Inquiry Identification

Hey...I have multiple inquiries some with the same bank how do i find out the card associated with the inquires? Credit reports don't get into that kind of detail. I don't want to dispute an inquiry on an account that's open in fear of the bank closing it. Should i call the bureaus? Banks don't keep inquiry denial's to long. I hope this is the right subsection for this. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Re: Inquiry Identification

You shouldn't dispute any valid inquiries and doing so will cause more issues than you'd want to deal with as it will prompt the bureaus to issue fraud alerts on your reports because you'd have to declare the inquiries fraudulant. 


Inquiries have a short term effect on scoring as they become unscoreable when they age to 365 days, though they will remain listed on your reports, as a record, for a full 24 months (25 on Experian).


That said, there's no way to obtain further detail of an inquiry to match with multiple credit apps through the same institution.  The best you can do is match the date of the inquiry with the date of the app. 

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