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Macy's Store Card - Issues with website

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Macy's Store Card - Issues with website

Hi all - I've been having issues with several Macy's cards that I have owned over the years.  These are related to the use of its website and my profile with Macy's/Citi and have occurred consistently regardless of having opened and closed a few Macy's accounts over the years. 


I'm unable to: 

  • Add my current card to my profile despite getting messages to do this in my profile inbox.  
  • Request a credit limit increase or update my profile. 

I get a generic error (An error occurred.  You need to return to  According to the browser address it's a "systemdown" error and happens when trying to get to anything on the Citi site.


I have reached out to them in the past but the issues continue.  this happens regardless of the browser or device I use.


Is anyone else seeing this in general?


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Re: Macy's Store Card - Issues with website

I have (2) Macy's cards  .. The store card and The Macy's Amex, I have had no problems at all ...IMO

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Re: Macy's Store Card - Issues with website

I've only ever had 1 Macy's CAE's (my current card) and have not run into any problems. 

mare you getting this on both PCs and mobile apps (leaning towards an online profile issue) or is it isolated to device type (pc vs mobile, leaning towards a software gap).


the only issue I ever had with Citi was when you would click logout and it always gave some random error. That was on the direct Citi site though and got resolved about a year ago IIRC

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Re: Macy's Store Card - Issues with website

I had some issues with the site yesterday. I waited for a while and then tried again later.

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