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Medical collection

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Medical collection

Ok, DW has just received a letter from a CA for medical bill with local hospital. Thing is she's been paying on this every month all along. It appears that the hospital has two different accounts but sending bill with the total of both. Pay online has been showing a total also. No where does it mention that there is more than one account. Apparently they have been applying the payments to one account and have now sent the other to a CA. This is the first contact from the CA.

Considering filing complaints against the hospital.

Any advice on this situation would be appreciated.
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Re: Medical collection

The disjointed idiotic medical field creates different accounts for each instance, each docs visit, etc there is no centralized accounting. Its a bunch of BS but its the way it is. I would contact the hospital and point out their error and request it be recalled and added to the payment plan you already have.
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Re: Medical collection

Thanks for the advice. DW is currently writing a nasty-gram to them.
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Re: Medical collection

What gets me is that the bills and online payment does not indicate there are more than one account or give you the option to apply payment to individual accounts. So they just apply to whatever they want.

Poor practice.
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