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MyFico score seem high?

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MyFico score seem high?

Has anyone noticed that their Fico score is higher than what anyone else says your credit score is?? I wish it wasn't so confusing. Thought I would sign up here to see what my "real" score is, but when applying for a new an auto loan, I got so many different scores, and all were lower by 10-40 points than what my score is here.

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Re: MyFico score seem high?

Welcome to the forums. The credit scoring game is complicated at first. If you do some reading around here you will soon see plenty of information regarding FICO scores and FAKO scores. The credit bureaus and third party monitoring sites all provide "educational scores" which may be higher or lower. This site allows you to buy a FICO score from Transunion and Equifax credit bureaus. The Experian score is not available to consumers except in limited circumstances.


And then further reading will educate you on the "Industry Specific" FICO scores such as automotive and credit cards which are also not available to consumers. It's a lot to absorb but just reading and posting questions as you figure them out and you will be as educated (or confused) as the rest of us.Smiley IndifferentSmiley LOL

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Re: MyFico score seem high?

Different bureaus, different scores.  Plus many sites have their own scoring models, affectionately referred to as "FAKOs".

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