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Hey guys, I'm in a great mood about my credit situation and I want to offer an update since this thread:


At that time, I only had two secured cards. A $200 Discover and a $200 CO Platinum. During that thread, Amex took a chance on my thin file (my FICO scores hadn't even reported yet) and gave me a $2000 limit on the Everyday card.  


Here's the changes since then:  

1. Amex 3x CLI to $6000.

2. CO Plat credit steps to $500.

3. Added a CO QS1 $500 (email with credit steps says 5 statements on time for $750)

4. Added Amex Delta Gold $1000 (me and the fiancee travel a bit and liked the free checked bags and free priority boarding, also got this card with only a SP. It's been open for a few weeks and no HP has showed up).

5. Added Amazon Store Card $600 (will call as soon as I receive card as Synchrony is known to give large CLIs if you call Credit Solutions and your TU score is good. My score is 680 according to Discover)


As it stands, these cards cover just about cover all the bases for the things I wanted from my cards as far as cash back, categories, and benefits. I realize this also locks me out from Chase for at least the next 2 years, but I decided long ago that they don't really have any cards that blow me away enough to care about their 5/24 rule. I plan to let these cards age for a few years and I'm absolutely done for now. I may, mayyyy close the CO secured card as I'm not confident in it graduating even though it's been shown as possible around the 10-12 month mark, or I may see if CO will combine the limit into my QS1 and close that card. The Discover will likely, hopefully graduate on the 7th cut statement and I'll keep it. 


Anyways, that's just been an update on how far I've come since less than half a year ago and I feel I'm in a really good position to have amazing scores after they age some years. Thanks for reading! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Progress

Nice jobSmiley Happy. Most important thing is building with cards that work for you and your spendSmiley Happy.
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