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Question about Removing Fraud Statements From CR


Question about Removing Fraud Statements From CR

In 2018 I have I was a victim of Identity theft in which someone who I knew used my info to open a few cards and was stupid enough to use there address in Dallas, Texas. I live in New York. So it was rather easy to dispute the accounts in which they were removed. At the same rate, all 3 Bureaus added a Fraud statement to my file, therefore anytime my info was used to open a new line of credit I would have to be contacted at the phone number prior to any creditor moving forward. So my question is ... Should I remove the Fraud Alert, granted it has done it jobs where as nothing will get processed with out the phone call. I now have so many other services which will send me an email as well as a text the moment I attempt to process an application which I love. I do hate though, that the phone call and all the extra verification in order to move forward, with the most recent incident being with AMEX when I added my parents as Additional Card holders on the AMEX account I currently have which required another HP for AMEX to see what number to call me at. I am debating just removing the statements from all 3 files in which if/when someone ever tried to open an account in my name i would be alerted immediately and to avoid additional HPs being initiated in the event I need to make a change I wont be subjected to an additional inquiry. Has anyone removed the statement and regretted it ? 

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Re: Question about Removing Fraud Statements From CR

IMHO, I would keep the statement. I know it might be a pain receiving calls on top of the fraud alerts you already have in place, but you can never be "too protected" especially in this day and age.

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Re: Question about Removing Fraud Statements From CR

Freeze your files, remove fraud alert, and unfreeze when applying.



Someone out there has enough info on you to open accounts in your name. Fraud alert is not sufficient. 

Making apps more convenient is not good enough of a reason to have your identity stolen again. 



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