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Reporting Help

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Reporting Help


So Equifax and TU in error disputed a Cap1 account that I did not ask them to.

Now, the account has been removed from TU, and EQU says "consumer disputes: investigation in progress".. I've contacted both bureaus and they basically said "nothing they can do" even tho the dispute was done in error on their end. I've called Cap1 and they show it as still reporting, statement period just ended 7/25. How do I get this account back reporting to TU? 

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Re: Reporting Help

How did EQ and TU dispute the account in error? Something had to precipitate it.

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Re: Reporting Help

I had two Cap 1's.. I was disupting one of them for ID theft. But I was VERY clear on which one I was disputing and which one I was not. 

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Re: Reporting Help

There is nothing you can do now till dispute process is completed. Any more interference will create additional problems. 

Wait for them to finish, then you will know what you need to do. 

Also, in your previous threads, you were offered a suggestion (more like the only way) on how to deal with identity  theft as those accounts cannot be removed via simple online dispute. 

Have you followed the process, including filing a police report and submitting it to the CRAs? 


If you have not, here it is again

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Re: Reporting Help

I'm not having problems disputing anything. Just this instance the wrong item was disputed. That is all.

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Re: Reporting Help

Disputed information or accounts can be removed in one of two separate ways.

The CRA could delete as a result of the finding in their dispute, or the furnisher could, after receiving the dispute, choose to voluntarily delete the reporting, thus obviating the dispute.  That could be done with only one or two CRAs, and not all.


Do you know whether the deletion was done by the CRA as a finding in resolution of the dispute, or whether the deletion was reported voluntarily by the furnisher?

Deletions by the CRA are subject to FCRA requirements, but voluntary deletions by a furnisher are not.......


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