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Testimony lolol

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Testimony lolol

So let me start with saying. This site is the greatest thing since grandmom apple pie. God i wish i had known about this site many years ago. I have learned so much and put a great deal of the information i have learn into practice from this site. And all i can say is THANK YOU  for all of you that have sent me suggestions and your thoughts. 


Lately i have been telling every younger male and female that work for me and with me about this site, as i coach them on your there credit reports, to be completely honest with you, i totally enjoy it. I get really long winded going through all the ups and downs, the wins and loses. They probably get bored with me after while, but they stay with me and ask questions along the way. 


Its amazing that they dont teach these kids about credit in school. especially nowadays when credit is like life. 


Anyway, with that being said, let me say CREDIT IS FREAKING CRACK  for real. I personally cant get enough of it myself. 

i really try and go to this place called garden, but everytime i try, i come here and read something that get me going again. 

I started out with a 548 credit score pretty much across the board about 3 years ago. I havent gotten to my goal as of yet on all reports, but im on my way. my highest is with experian sitting at 717 fico 8 and 742 fico 9, equ and trans are still in the high 600 right now, about to cross into the 700 hopefully shortly. 

So when i say credit is crack, i mean im sitting on 8 credit cards highest is 15000 dollars with nfcu, with a totally right now at 38900 total. 

since aug, i have gotten 3 cards. bbt spt, 3500 bbt bright 4500 and apple 3000. 11k in 4 months, with a total of 3000 dollars in debt, i feel good about that about to be 2800 in a couple of days when it reports, or roughly 8 percent. I got a loan from lending club for 5k for the hell  of it cause they approved it. put it in my saving acct, and going to make a few payments on it and give it right back to them. 

I have a bbva preapproval sitting on my desk right now, trying to make a decision wether i should go for it or not. I have like 11 inq ex, 13 eq, 10 trans. all new car related. I also have a cap one platium sitting beside it, trying to decide do i need cap one now. 


This stuff is so addictive. I think i want to get to 50k total credit and i think that will do me.......hmmm let me stop lying, then imma wanna go to 100k Hell i dont even make 100 k a year in salary. My meager 45k a year and my credit limit is almost as much as i make a year.  Just cray cray. But i love it.  


Ok let me stop ranting on here. I swear i get to ranting everytime i get high late at night. Anyway. Thank you very much MYFICO community. 

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Re: Testimony lolol

Congratulations on your approvals!

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Re: Testimony lolol

thanks all. appreciate it. 

@AllZero wrote:

Congratulations on your approvals!


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Re: Testimony lolol

Great work, congrats on your approvals.




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Re: Testimony lolol

@excop01 wrote:

i think that will do me.......hmmm let me stop lying

Lol,  famous words for a few *cough* (thousand)

Congrats on all of your credit journey! Enjoyed the read.Smiley Wink

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Re: Testimony lolol

Congrats on your credit success! Yes, credit is extremely addictive! I started in the 580's and am now in the mid 700's. One bit of advice I wish I would have taken to heart is to STOP APPLYING FOR CREDIT! You have enough cards/loans; you just need to let them sit for a while and age. This isn't something that's going to happen overnight. Back when my scores were in the high 600's, low 700's, I kept applying for cards because I would get the pre-approval and would want to take that gamble on how high of a limit they'd give, but now I wish I would have waited. My scores have kind of been stuck where they are and the only thing that can help me at this point is time. 


Just my 2 cents. Heart

I think I've found the sacred map that may lead me to this garden everyone keeps talking about.

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Re: Testimony lolol

Hey thanks for the advice, and i totally understand what u mean. 

Thats the thing i worry about is my age will be totally effected.

i already have a short history is one of my negs on my report.

im trying to garden i swear i am. But its been a very long time, since my 

credit has been this great and able to get any credit card i want. instead of 

looking at people with great credit and popping out the cards in envy.

but i think imma go garden for a year. eventually. 

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Re: Testimony lolol


"Anyway, with that being said, let me say CREDIT IS FREAKING CRACK for real. I personally cant get enough of it myself."


@excop01Congrats! maybe @credit_is_crack  can add "FREAKING" to his name?Smiley LOL


Glad you a re enjoying your addictive highSmiley Surprised

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Re: Testimony lolol

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Re: Testimony lolol

First off, all the inquiries that were pulled for the car should be counted as one with most lenders. The computer won’t see it that way and you typically have to call in for recon. Some lenders like capital one don’t do recon so that’s a dead issue.

Depending on the algorithm it also groups installment loan inquiries together and count them as one if done within 14 days for EX2 and I believe 45 days for everything else, so the multiple inquiries may not be harming you as much as you think scorewise, although they will cause an automatic denial by a computer. Also be aware there’s a 30 day buffer before the points ding your score on loan inquiries.

BBVA is known not to be inquiry sensitive. So you got to decide if you want to grab it. But if you do, I would definitely recommend doing some gardening for sure afterwards.

Last, if you already have a loan, a second loan does not help you in any way. So if you already have that car loan, the lending tree really was meaningless. However it would come in real handy if you were about to pay off a car loan. Remember your aggregate installment utilization gives a lot of points when the B/L goes under 8.9%.
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If you don't know where you fall, just detail any baddies, your number of open and closed accounts, AoOA, AOYRA and whether you have a loan on record to start.

For utilization questions, list individual and aggregate utilizations, revolving and installment, please.
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